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20+ Years of Service

Chapter History In 1996 the Omicron Kappa Kappa (OKK) Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered in the Reston/Herndon area of Fairfax County, VA. Since then, we have uplifted our community with enthusiasm and pride through variety of service and civic affairs programs and initiatives.

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There were considerable number of Omega Men who were interested in becoming affiliated with an Omega Psi Phi chapter closer to their neighborhoods. These Brothers resided in Reston, Herndon, Sterling and Ashburn communities and were not in close proximity to any existing Omega Chapters in the Third District. Brother Emmanuel "Manny" McCrae took the initiative to identify and contact an initial cadre of interested Brothers to discuss the feasibility of seeking a Charter for a new Chapter of Omega Psi Phi. On November 22, 1996, the Brothers met at Brother McCrae’s home and agreed to submit an application for Charter for the Supreme Council’s winter meeting. On December 14, 1996, the Supreme Council of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity approved the Charter application for the eleven Brothers to have an Omega Psi Phi Chapter in Herndon, Virginia. The Council named the Chapter "Omicron Kappa Kappa" (which quickly became known as "OKK"). It would be the 23rd Graduate Chapter in the Third District.

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Charter Members

  • Emmanuel T. McCrae (Beta Upsilon – 75) – Basileus

  • Luther Williams (Lambda Gamma – 54) – Vice Basileus

  • Charles V. Smith (Theta Sigma – 51) – KRS

  • Harrison K. Wallace (Nu Psi – 69) – KF

  • Paul K. Cole (Gamma Psi – 65) – Chaplain

  • Willie Henderson Jr. (Zeta – 80) – Parliamentarian

  • Ronald D. Patterson (Beta Sigma – 58) – Keeper of Peace

  • Roscoe A. Nance (Lambda Epsilon – 68) – Editor

  • Earl Ronald Lewis (Pi-56)

  • John Hinton Jones III (Rho Sigma – 69)

  • Clarence H. McNeil (Xi Psi – 60)

The First Year...

Omicron Kappa Kappa’s first Chapter activity was a Reclamation Party on February 15, 1997 that resulted in six more Brothers joining OKK:

  • Brother Norman Franklin

  • Brother Anthony Lewis

  • Brother Landus Robertson

  • Brother Dan Taylor

  • Brother Eric Kendall Wallace

  • Brother Harold Wilson

The next event was a Chartering Ceremony that was held at the Lansdowne Resort and Conference Center, Leesburg Virginia on March 14, 1997. This was followed by several fund raising activities being initiated by Brother Ron Patterson who was the standing Social Actions Chairman. He directed the Chapter’s fish fry dinner at the South Gate as well as a "Blues Night" at the Vienna Grille restaurant which raised more than $500.00 in scholarship funds via corporate sponsorship. OKK’s First Achievement Week Ceremony was held in Centreville, Virginia on November 16, 1997. Brother Clarence McNeill, Third District Marshall, was the guest speaker for the event. He gave a rousing speech on the many accomplishments that OKK had achieved during its first year in existence. He pointed out, among other things, that the Chapter had participated in Special Olympics; involved in mentoring program; had completed a sweater and coat drive for needy children; increased its membership to 22 members; participated in District conferences and had purchased a purple and gold banner to be displayed at all official functions. Brother McNeil also went on to note that OKK was represented on the District Level by the District Marshall (Brother McNeill) and the Reclamation and Retention Committee chairman (Brother McCrae).

Former Omicron Kappa Kappa Chapter Basili

Bro. Emmanuel McCrae
Bro. Ron Patterson
Bro. Mike Clemons
Bro. Willie Henderson
Bro.Darryl McMurray
Bro. Ricardo Sewell
Bro. Dana Walker
Bro. Gary Powell
Bro. Earl Smith
Immediate Past Basileus Bro. Gordon Person

Sons of OKK

Fall 1998 - Ran Dmc (First Contact)

Darryl McMurray (Johnny Come Lately)
Curtis Ransom (Choir Boy)
Dominick Wallace (Jumping Fool)

Spring 2002 - Final Funky Four Purple Nasty

Dana Walker (Sneaq)
Charles Freeman (Gynn-yu-Wynn)
Christian Smith (Cheez)
Linwood Stokes (Thor)


Spring 2006 - 3 Times Tenacious

Marcus Stewart (Poindexter)
Larry McDurfee (Luv-B-Low)
Julian Purvis (Short-Fuze)

Fall 2010 - Six Sons of Free Will

Yohance King (Hoarse Power)
Gordon Person (Flash)
Frank Simmons (Rocky)
Marlon Hughes (Lefty)
Dion Sanders (P-Time)
Calvin Mayo (Big Country)

Spring 2016 - Three Sons of Adversity

Michael Welch (Zoo)
G. Eddie Patten (Bishop Don Juan)
Michael Jones (P.M.B)





Spring 2000 - The Perfect Storm

Melvin Kinnebrew (ET)
Joseph Nelson (Que-Face)
Berry Cuffee (Blade)
Marvin King (Duh Duh Man)

Spring 2004 - Six Sons of Thunder

Stanley Harris (Brave Heart)
Mark Williams (Black Magic)
Cornell Huddleston (Corndog)
Burdette Wills (Einstein)
Everett Corbin (Hamp)
Larry Miller (Deacon)

Fall 2008 - 2 Unconquerable Souls

Kimmel Daniel (Bottom Line)
Jesse Hudson (Shoulder Lean)

Fall 2012 - Thoroughly Immersed Pair (T.I.P)

Howard Foard III (True Grit)
Sekou Owens (Ip Man) 


Spring 2018 - Four Indestructible Souls

Shaun Marzett (Major Pain)
Marquis Batts (Qro-Magnon))
Gregory Howell (Full Tilt)
Shawn Beck (Even-Qeel)